100 Franken

This is a translation of a previous blog post. I put the story about the 100 Franc note in English as there is still an ongoing discussion about the matter in the social media.


It’s my first blog in English. I hope that there aren’t too many blunders. In case you find any, keep them! 😉



The 100 Franc note


An American arrives in the lobby of a hotel in St.Moritz. He goes to the reception, slams a 100 Franc note on the desk and says that he wanted a room for a night.


There wouldn’t be a problem, assures the receptionist. However, the American wants to see the room first. So they leave the lobby and upstairs they go with the elevator.


In the meantime the hotelier leaves his office and detects the note on the desk.

“Just about in time!”, he thinks to himself, grabs the note, leaves the hotel, crosses the street and goes to the bakery. There, he pays his debts and goes back to his office in the hotel.


The baker is happy having got some cash as he needs to pay his friend the butcher. He hurries to the butchery and is glad to clear debts for the sausages he got lasts week.


Even before the butcher can put the 100 Franc note into the till his wife takes it and leaves the butchery in a hurry. She goes to the hairdressing salon at the corner. She hasn’t paid yet the last dyeing and the hair cut.


The hairdresser has got some debts for the ad in the local newspaper. That’s why she closes her salon for a couple of minutes and goes to the agency across the street. There she leaves the 100 Franc note at the office.


The boss of the ad agency has been drinking with friends in the bar of the hotel the previous day.

So, he takes the note, hurries to the hotel and puts the note on the reception desk. Then he goes to the office of the hotelier to have a chat. By the way he tells his friend, the hotelier, that the bill is footed now. The hotelier assures that he will tell the barkeeper to throw away the bill and to keep the change.


As the two friends are gossiping in the office the American and the receptionist come back from the extended tour through the whole hotel. However, not a single room has been to the Americans satisfaction.


Annoyed he grabs his 100 Franc note and, slightly shaking his head, he leaves the hotel.

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